✔︎ Do you want to feel stronger and more supported when you exercise??


✔︎ Do you want to kick-start a STRONG postpartum recovery??

✔︎ Do you want to put an end to the sneeze pee? That little leak (or deluge) when your run? Heal your abdominal separation?

You're in the right place! And lucky for you, the solution to all of these problems start with the same thing:


Fix your breathing. 

Pregnancy jacks your breathing patterns and funky breathing can lead to a weak core, more leaks and persistent abdominal separation (diastasis recti).  


Learning to breathe well is the single most important thing you can do to set yourself up for a comfortable pregnancy and strong postpartum recovery. It is the VERY first thing I work on with all of my clients and it has the power to be transformative.

Let me tell you how.

In The No B.S. Guide to Breathing, I help you to build a strong and functional (➡︎ leak free!) core through simple but powerful breathing strategies.

No dogma. No rules. No B.S.


I'm here to give you more control over your body, not less.

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