Stronger Postpartum LIVE

A 16-Week Group Exercise Program For A Safe, Effective + Supported Return-to-Fitness

A proven system that will walk you through exactly WHICH exercises to do, HOW to do them, WHEN to perform them — so you can prevent injury, promote safety AND get the strength results you want after pregnancy

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Stronger Postpartum LIVE

A 16-Week Group Exercise Program For A Safe, Effective + Supported Return-to-Fitness

A proven system that will walk you through exactly WHICH exercises to do, HOW to do them, WHEN to perform them — so you can prevent injury, promote safety AND get the strength results you want after pregnancy
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Postpartum is an opportunity.

Most people think that once you have a baby, you’ve got to light a candle for your fitness goals.

👉🏽 They accept a weaker core and a leaky bladder.

👉🏼 They give up on the idea of running and jumping again.

But here’s what I want you to know:

Pregnancy presses reset.

Postpartum is your reboot.

All you’re missing is the code. The exact program to execute that will help you bridge those early days post-birth to your strongest postpartum.

Postpartum is an OPPORTUNITY to build a foundation of strength from the inside out.

I’ve experienced it. I’ve coached it for over 5 years. And I know that with the right playbook, you rebuild stronger than you were even before your pregnancy.

Stronger Postpartum is that playbook.

It’s the code. It’s a 16 week postpartum exercise program that will bridge your rehab to a strong return to exercise.

It will put you back on a path to your exercise goals- even if those involve running, jumping and lifting heavy.

Postpartum is not a roadblock on your journey through an active life.

It’s a launch pad to build back stronger.

What You Can Expect Inside Stronger Postpartum

Inside Stronger Postpartum, you’ll find all the ingredients for a SAFE and STRONG return to exercise after pregnancy.

Laura Jawad holding her daughter in front of their backyard forest.

Stronger Postpartum is for you if:

✅ You want to feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in your postpartum body AND

✅ You’re at least 6 weeks postpartum. You can be years and years past your pregnancy, no problem.

✅ You want to get back into a consistent fitness routine after pregnancy

✅ You want to develop a deep connection to your core and pelvic floor muscles

✅ You’re leaking urine, experiencing prolapse, rehabbing a diastasis recti. I’ll teach you essential skills to manage these conditions

*Accessible to all skill levels. Gender neutral. All bodies welcome.*

As part of the small group coaching pod, you’ll get:

💜 A supportive community of other kickass parents on the same journey

⭐️ A Facebook group where you’ll have access to me for individualized feedback and support

🗓️ Accountability prompts to keep you moving through the program

💪🏼 8 weeks of live workouts to help you gain traction and make sure you get off to a strong start

By the end of 16 weeks:

✅ You’ll create a STRONG foundation of strength, mobility and stability to pursue your hobbies, sports or an active life with less worry about injuries or aches/pains

✅ You’ll understand HOW your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor work and HOW to perform the right exercises to keep yourself healthy and strong

✅ You’ll know the key strategies to deal with little leaks, pelvic floor symptoms, and what to watch out for moving forward, as well as the corrective exercise to deal with anything that comes up

✅ You’ll have the confidence to modify exercises and workouts to make them work for your body, learning YOUR body inside and out so you can continue progressing after the 16 weeks are over

Laura, outside on a deck, demonstrating an overhead press from her Stronger Postpartum exercise program.

What’s included in Stronger Postpartum?

Upon purchase, you’ll get access to a closed membership site, where all the workouts and resources are housed.

You’ll also receive:

Laura, outdoors on a deck, performing a bodyweight hip hinge exercise from Stronger Postpartum.

One-On-One Support

Throughout Stronger Postpartum LIVE, you’ll find me by your side, providing support and accountability.

You’ll have access to me within a private Facebook community, where you can ask me all of your questions, request movement modifications and submit videos of your exercises for form feedback. The Facebook group is also where I’ll post accountability prompts to encourage you to stay consistent for the 16 weeks.

In addition to the Facebook community, we’ll get together for 8 live workouts over the first 8 weeks so I can hold your hand and help you build traction within the program, watch you move and provide real-time feedback.

($1200 value –> the cost of 8 calls with me at my hourly rate)

A cell phone playing youtube videos of postpartum exercises. Phone is propped up on a weight stand containing kettlebells.

16 Weeks Of Progressive Postpartum Workouts

Stronger Postpartum is a 16-week postnatal exercise program designed to progress you from rehab to a full return to exercise.

The complete program is broken down into 4 phases. Phases 1 and 2 contain 2 workouts each. Phases 3 and 4 contain 3 workouts each. Each phase also comes with a mobility warm-up. You’ll recieve 10 total workouts and 4 mobility warmups.

Each phase lasts a minimum of 4 weeks so you can build strength and confidence in the movements.

($908 value –> the cost of 4 months of individualized programming)

Cover image for the Stronger Postpartum Playbook.

Supportive Community

Postpartum can be an isolating experience- so COMMUNITY is an important piece of the  Stronger Postpartum LIVE experience.

Within a private Facebook group, you’ll have a space to connect with others who are going through a similar chapter, offer support and advice, and celebrate each other’s wins. 

By posting your progress and goals in the group, you’ll feel more accountable to yourself and your peers, and receive gentle reminders and encouragement to stay on track.

The group is closed, so you can feel comfortable sharing your experiences and struggles in a safe and confidential environment.

($200 value)


In addition to the one-on-one support, exercise programming and supportive community, you’ll also receive: 

🌟Detailed Coaching Tutorials and Movement Demonstrations
The membership portal contains instructional tutorials that will set you up for success as you jump into the workouts.
You’ll learn to audit your alignment, tap into your deep core through breathing and support your movement with strong core activation. Within the workout pdfs, each exercise is accompanied by a detailed coaching demonstration that will teach you HOW to correctly and confidently perform the movements. ($150 value)

🌟 The Stronger Postpartum Playbook: A 26 page pdf explaining all the fundamental lessons behind alignment, breathing, movement coordination, diastasis recti self-assessment, pelvic floor symptoms and more ($50 value)

🌟 Recorded follow-along videos of each workout, where I coach you through the movements in real time ($250 value)

🌟 Bonus upper body mobility routine to soothe baby-feeding bodies ($50 value)

🌟 Lifetime access access to the membership site, as long as the course exists. (priceless!)

Stronger Postpartum delivers $2300 worth of value at a FRACTION of the cost. In addition, I’m offering $700 in bonuses to ensure you have an AMAZING experience and even BETTER results.

Laura Jawad sitting on a table outside, legs crossed, smiling for the camera.

Oh Hey-

I’m Laura. I’m the creator of Stroger Postpartum.

As a certified personal trainer, postpartum fitness expert and mom of 3, I understand the unique needs of people who are recovering from pregnancy and gunning to get back to their full and active lives.

With a dozen degrees and certifications, my first-hand experience as a mom and years in the trenches supporting clients, I can tell you this:

With the right program, you can absolutely become stronger postpartum than you’ve ever been.

Postpartum is not a roadblock on your fitness journey.

Postpartum an opportunity to lay a solid foundation of strength and come back stronger than ever.

I know what it takes to help you achieve a STRONG postpartum recovery.

And I put my best stuff into this program.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Still have questions?

When will the program start?

We’ll kick things off the week of March 27th and the program will run for 16 weeks. We will hold weekly calls for the first 8 weeks. The Facebook group will be open for the full 16 weeks and you’ll have access to me that entire time!

How much 1:1 support will I get?

You’ll have unlimited access to me through the closed Facebook group. Within the group, you’ll be able to ask me questions, troubleshoot exercises and submit videos for feedback on your form. In addition, you’ll be invited to join a weekly call during each of the first 8 weeks of the program where I’ll coach you through a workout and offer real-time feedback and support.

Since this is a group program, how will we make adjustments for my specific needs?

Within the Stronger Postpartum program, I offer movement modifications for common concerns. If you need help troubleshooting beyond what is offered in the workout, please ask a question in the Facebook group and I will work with you to troubleshoot or substitute the exercise.

What is the difference between group training and 1:1 personal training? 

In Stronger Postpartum, the workouts are templated and delivered as a pdf with links to demonstrations of every exercise. The exercise demos are quite thorough and I’ll explain EXACTLY how to do the exercise and what you should feel working. Your access to me takes place via a Facebook group and 8 live, group calls.

In 1:1 training, I deliver workouts electronically so I can make changes to your workouts as needed over the month. You also have one live 1:1 call with me each month. 

In Stronger Postpartum, you can still request exercise modifications, you’ll just have to notate them on your workout rather than having me update the template for you. 

Group coaching is a GREAT value- it’s half the cost of 1:1 training while still offering a very high level of support and accountability. Group coaching also comes along with a COMMUNITY and GROUP WORKOUTS.

What equipment do I need?

These workouts are designed to be performed at home, so you don’t need much! You’ll need to have a handful of resistance bands and a set of dumbbells. I recommend having a set with increments between 5 and 25 lbs. You won’t need the dumbbells during the first month, so you can collect stuff as you go!

What format do the workouts come in?

All of the workouts are delivered via easy print-and-go PDF with accompanying video demos for every single exercise with extensive verbal form cues. The membership site is mobile-friendly, so you’ll be able to access the PDFs and videos anytime

I’m a beginner or it’s been years since I’ve lifted weight, can I do this?

Yes! I designed the Stronger Postpartum workout program to be accessible to a range of fitness levels.

How long will I have access to the workouts?

Lifetime! You can download the workouts as a PDF and save them to your computer. You’ll have access to the membership site and ALL FUTURE UPDATES as long as the course exists.

Do the workouts include videos?

You bet! I’ve recorded videos for EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE in the video and I coach you through HOW to do the exercise and WHERE you should feel the work happening. In addition, you’ll have access to a recorded, live presentation of each full workout.

How long will the workouts take?

In general, 30-40 minutes. The first time you do the workout, it’ll take a bit longer since you’ll be watching the videos and learning the setup and movement.

Will these workouts still work if my kids are teenagers now?

If you haven’t yet rehabbed your core and pelvic floor or invested in a strength training program, this is going to be great for you!

Can I do these workouts if I have a prolapse?

Unless you have a medical contraindication, yes, you can do these. I spend a lot of time teaching you how to manage pressure into your pelvic floor so that you can reduce or eliminate pelvic floor symptoms during exercise. If you need any help troubleshooting, you’re always welcome to book a consult call with me and I can help you out.

Are the Stronger Postpartum exercises safe for Diastasis Recti?

Yes! Within Stronger Postpartum, I teach you the tools you need to manage and monitor your intra-abdominal pressure. In the program, you’ll follow gold-standard progressions that will take you from lower pressure to higher pressure movements which should improve your abdominal muscle function. If you have a significant Diastasis, I advice you to check in with a pelvic floor physical therapist as well. Of course, if your provider has specifically advised you against doing certain exercises, please take their advice.

Is there a refund or cancellation policy?

Obvs, my goal is that this is so great you want to stick it out. AND I want to provide you with all the info up front, so there’s no surprises once you’re inside. I offer up to a 7-day refund period on the course purchase, but no refunds will be issued once the program starts (week of March 27th). If you commit to a payment plan, please note it’s not a month-to-month arrangement. It can’t be cancelled after the initial refund period. If you have any questions about what’s included or how things’ll roll once we get going, please make sure you schedule a time to chat with me ahead of purchase (email me at the address below).

Do you have a question I didn’t address here? Email me at I’ll take care of ya.

Take the guesswork out of postpartum.