Kind words from my wonderful clients

Working with Laura was one of the biggest things I did for myself in my postpartum recovery. I have a lot of experience in fitness and exercise, but did not have the bandwidth or knowledge of the postpartum challenges that I needed to get back to my previous activity level. I think that I have come out of this experience even stronger than I was prior to having my kiddo which is saying something considering I had a long labor and emergency C-section so not the easiest recovery.

I cannot recommend Laura enough.

Laura A., First time mom, Redmond, WA


Laura is the absolute best! She tailored workouts for me throughout my pregnancy and they really helped me feel good and stay active. I’m a first time mom so I also really appreciated her knowledge and support as well. She answered all my questions and provided great recommendations. I’m super grateful I came across her site when I was searching for a trainer and definitely recommend her services.

Alicia H., First time mom, Bellevue, WA


My experience with Laura was truly life changing. As a lifelong athlete and now mom of two via c section, I felt lost as to how to return to my active lifestyle safely and effectively. Laura’s programming was very individualized to my needs/goals. Additionally, her coaching style allowed me to build back my intrinsic motivation for being active- I feel like myself again, which I am so grateful for!

Jaime T., Second time mom, Lynwood, WA


I had such a positive experience with Laura! She helped me get back into a great fitness routine safely. SO many postpartum fitness programs are actually unsafe and not helpful but Laura is knowledgeable and kind.

Andrea D., Second time mom, Edmonds, WA


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura as a personal trainer during my pregnancy AND as birth doula while in labor with my son. Throughout both experiences I felt like I was working with a kind friend! Laura is knowledgeable, gentle, calm and extremely flexible. She tailored her offerings for each of our personal training sessions based on my unique pregnancy and adapted exercises to accommodate my constant heartburn. She offered consultation leading up to the birth and made sure I had the resources I needed to feel confident and ready. During the 17 hours of labor, she was an amazing support for both me and my partner. She checked in calmly and regularly, while matching our energy and needs without hesitation. I’m so grateful for her help and look forward to working with her again in the future!

Emily M., First time mom, Redmond, WA


Laura has been a completely support system during my pregnancy phase. The fitness routine helped me prepare through the pregnancy and also during labor pain. These exercises made me feel strong and relaxed too. The routine is provided by Laura depending on the initial review session but she quickly modifies the chart incase of any trouble/ pain during the exercises. Also, She is more like a medical advisor for me.

Chaitali M., First time mom, Bellevue, M


Laura is very kind, considerate, understanding, motivating, knowledgeable, and always on time. She’s made a significant different for me in my postpartum recovery from a emergency c- section, dealing with diastasis recti, and postpartum depression. She was very patient and flexible even in time where I “fell off” of my workout habit. I appreciate all she’s done to help me!

Alex Z., First time mom, Bothell, WA


Working with Laura has been a great experience. She’s helped me improve my strength since having my second baby, with tailored workouts and training. Her online coaching is so helpful and it’s easy to check in with her, especially if you’re having trouble with an exercise or need help with technique.

I was really anxious about training postpartum but Laura has been very reassuring and I always feel like the workouts take my needs into account.

Cat P., First time mom


Laura offers smart and personalized training from the comfort of your home through her online personal training. She helped me target specifically the core areas that needed work in recovery from pregnancy and childbirth in order to resume my active lifestyle without further injury (running, team sports, and baby wrangling), and to do all of that more safely for the long run. She knows her stuff! And, she’s super friendly and open to feedback to tune the experience to be exactly what you need. Highly recommend!

Candy B., First time mom, Seattle, WA


I had such a fantastic experience working with Laura! After the slog of regaining my fitness level after my first pregnancy I knew I wanted to do better the second time around. I thought I just wanted some accountability, and if I could find a trainer who was knowledgeable about pregnancy fitness in particular, that would just be a bonus. I very quickly realized Laura’s expertise was going to benefit me in ways I’d not even considered. She worked with me to tailor a program that fit exactly what I was looking for and “grew” with me as my pregnancy progressed. I feel like I’ve come out of this experience not only armed with specific knowledge about my postpartum body but also with new skills for health and fitness more generally. Highly, highly recommend!

Jean Anne, Second time mom, Arlington, VA


I had a wonderful experience with Laura. She is super friendly and always available to help. Her customized exercise during my pregnancy not only helped me to keep active but also increased my core strength and helped to control my gestational diabetes . The best thing about her is that she takes your feedback and customize exercise as needed. Her proactive commitment towards her clients is really commendable. I highly recommend her and you will also have great experience with her as I had. Thank you so much Laura for making my second pregnancy an enjoyable experience by keeping me active.

Varsha K., First time mom, Bellevue, WA


Laura is an amazing doula! She comes to the table with tons of knowledge, care, and professionalism. I recently had my first child and used her during and after my pregnancy for both training and doula services. Leading up to my birth she helped keep me in shape and prep my body for labor. She also worked with me postpartum to help me recover and continue to build strength to support myself and my daughter. As a doula she ensured my husband and I were ready for the birthing experience, and during my labor and birth she was there to physically and emotionally support us. If you are looking for a trainer or doula I highly recommend and worth the investment.

Kelly A., First time mom, Redmond, WA

Highly recommend Laura! I’ve been working with her for the past year on strengthening my body post-pregnancy. She’s knowledgable, focuses on what’s important to me, and creates a plan that fits my lifestyle. Thanks to her training I’m stronger, can carry my baby with ease, and feel healthy and great!

Christine C., First time mom, Seattle, WA


Working with Laura on my postpartum journey has been smooth and very productive for my C-section healing and health overall. Her exercise routines are simple yet effective. It may seem easy at first but trust me, they are working! She is a very good resource if someone is looking for a personal trainer.

Mini D., First time mom, Sammamish, WA

I started working with Laura when I was frustrated about my struggle to return to leak-free running over two years after the birth of my youngest. I wanted to build up the strength I’d lost after about 5 years of focusing on having kids, raising toddlers, and not doing the hobbies that had previously kept me strong and fit. After 6 months of working with her, I’m noticeably stronger and more confident in my exercise routines. I love having a trainer that “gets” the challenges of balancing self care, career, and kids. She builds routines that work for me, and is super fast on giving me feedback on questions. Getting a few “have you been working out?” comments from my friends is also a nice bonus.

TL;DR: By myself, I was failing to get back into shape after having kids. Working with Laura has made a huge difference.

Katie D., Mom of 2, Boise, ID


Laura has a ton of passion for helping women bounce back from birth! I recommend her to my physical therapy patients for ongoing fitness.

Ken M., Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Kirkland, WA


I have not had much experience doing strength training before but I reached out to Laura in hope of strengthening my body overall to see if it can help with relieving my back/neck pain that accumulated over last two years. She helped me to get started in the comfort of my own home. It is encouraging to notice my progress reflected in my daily activities over the sessions. Laura taught me many useful tips apart from just the workout itself, but how to go about engaging the right muscles to perform tasks that used to hurt my back. I appreciate her ability to introduce me to new difficulties without making me feel over-tired or too sore to continue my regular cardio workout. I am very glad to have been referred to Laura to help with reaching my fitness goals. –

Anna A., Redmond, WA

Every postpartum mama in the area should work with Laura before jumping back into a traditional workout. A few months after giving birth to my second baby, I started a HIT workout program geared towards moms, but quickly realized that it might be too much too soon. Then I met Laura. She told me about diastasis recti (why had I never heard of this despite having now given birth twice?!). She came to my house, showed me how to self-diagnose, explained the mechanics and the need to treat is properly before jumping into more traditional workouts, and then created a personalized breathing and exercise regimen. She’s passionate about what she does and that really shows in the care and time she gave to me as a client. I highly recommend!

Bhavika S., Kirkland, WA


I met Laura while searching for a doula to help with the delivery of my second child. She was such an amazing support for me during the labor and delivery of my son. I couldn’t imagine how it would have gone without her there. She remained in touch with me after and would come to see me and the new baby.

I had gained such trust in her knowledge and her experience that when she mentioned her skills as a postpartum fitness trainer I was ecstatic. Sign me up! My recovery after my first child felt so long. I had chronic back pain, my diastasis recti took nearly a year to close, and going back to a very high physical job was exhausting to say the least. I wanted my postpartum recovery to be much different the second time around and I knew that gaining physical strength would help the process immensely. 

A few months after my delivery I started training with Laura. She knew I was eager to begin working out, but she really emphasized the importance of taking it slow and that the first steps would be to focus on building back the pelvic floor before starting high intensity training. I really could sense her sincerity. I knew she always had my best interest at heart.  Her formulated fitness plans were safe and created with thoughtfulness. Laura is a mother herself and she shared with me her postpartum journey. This again reinforced my trust in her and gave us a common understanding when it comes to a woman’s body.  She has so many credentials. The list of certifications and training she’s received is very impressive.  She’s the type of person who will always be continuing her growth and education on postpartum fitness.

Our sessions together were in the comfort of my own home and with both kids around. Once a week we would plan a day and time that worked with my schedule.  There were times when Laura would entertain my 3 year old with stretching bands or foam blocks, and bottle feed my baby while I did sets of squats. All the while she still kept an eagle eye on my form and counts. She knew what to say to keep me focused. I really can’t thank her enough for being so “go with the flow”, but also for having the mindset of  “let’s stay on task”. There were mornings were exhaustion would have won and I probably would not have chosen to workout, but once I saw Laura walk up with her kettlebells and gym bag on her back I was instantly energized and so motivated.  I can honestly say that just a few short months after working with Laura I saw and felt GIANT results.  My pelvic floor felt so much stronger, my diastasis recti was almost fully closed, my back pain was nonexistent,  I could hold my baby and toddler longer, and I felt more energy when I returned back to work. I lost over 10 lbs in 5 months and my body composition has completely changed. I truly feel stronger this time around than I did during my first postpartum journey and I owe much of this to Laura. She’s one of the best trainers I’ve worked with and I would recommend her to anyone. She has impacted my life more than I think she knows and I am very grateful for all her time, energy, patience, and motivation. 

Kate S., Lynwood, WA

Laura is a fantastic doula and I would recommend her to anyone. Her knowledge and experience as a doula prior to and during the birth of my son far surpassed all of my expectations. I had a wonderful birth experience, and I owe much of that to the support I received from Laura.

Leading up to the the birth, she maintained excellent communication and provided quick support for all of my questions and concerns. Luckily I went into labor on December 26, but Laura was available and ready at a moment’s notice to join me at the birth, even on Christmas day.

Laura even helped me with prenatal exercises by sharing her own fitness videos to help me target the areas of concern I had, especially towards the end of pregnancy.

Luckliy my baby was head down towards the end of the pregnancy, but I still felt additional security in Laura’s experience with Spinning Babies.

If I am lucky enough to have another child, I would choose Laura as my doula again in a heartbeat.

Elizabeth O., Seattle, WA

Laura was an amazing addition to our birth team! We’re so glad we hired her as our birth doula! Laura brought a sense of calm confidence that remained consistent for the 17 hours I was in labor. She gently checked in with both me and my partner to match our energy and specific needs without ever being pushy or overbearing. After delivery, my partner told me how much calmer he was able to be knowing he and Laura were working together and helping each other out to support me throughout the process. In addition to her physical presence at the birth, Laura offered a wealth of support and knowledge leading up to and following the birth. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to work with her again!

Emily C., Redmond, WA

I highly recommend working with Laura for doula services. My husband and I live 3,000+ miles away from our immediate family, and having Laura’s guidance before, during, and after the birth of our baby was invaluable. Her extensive knowledge of various birthing techniques and philosophies helped prepare me for giving birth. Once in labor, it was extremely helpful to have Laura to check in with to help determine when to head to the hospital. In the delivery room, Laura enabled my husband to focus on the experience of becoming a father and worry less about coaching me and helping me adhere to my birth plan. In the end, my partnership with Laura enabled me to walk away from my birth experience feeling satisfied and empowered, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others who are looking for a thoughtful birth experience.

Karen P, Bellevue WA

Around 6 months postpartum with my third child, I was feeling defeated about my body and health. I was eager to get back to my fitness but I kept hurting myself every time I attempted HIIT exercises or any fitness app that seemed promising. I found Laura during my desperate search on google late at night and decided to invest in her postpartum training. Her program is very unique – she is thoughtful and strategic. She carefully assessed my fitness level and my postpartum body and created a program that was just right for me. Her strength training makes me feel energized but it does not wear me out like other high intensity workouts. I can get my workout in during my baby’s nap and still keep up with my kids rest of the day. The program is very easy to do at home and I actually love that I don’t have to worry about getting a sitter, driving to the gym or getting there on time. This is my first time actually being this consistent with exercising! Her program is effective and sustainable for busy moms. I just completed my second month and I’m starting to see my waist line return and feeling so much stronger and healthier. I recommend Laura to any postpartum women who want to invest in their health and want to restore their strength and confidence!

Yurika G, Kirkland, WA