Personal training for an active pregnancy, powerful birth & strong postpartum recovery.

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Here’s what I know to be true:

Birthing bodies are strong AF. As a mom, retired birth doula and pregnancy & postpartum personal trainer, I’ll help you navigate fitness during your childbearing chapter and feel strong and confident in your changing body.

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Are you pregnant and trying to stay strong and active?

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Are you postpartum and trying to get back into shape or return to sport?

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Are you leaking, experiencing a prolapse or managing a Diastasis Recti? 

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Hi, I'm Laura-

I’m a Redmond, WA- based personal trainer offering a variety of services to support pregnant and postpartum people during their transition to parenthood.

A long running passion in my life has been endurance sports (running, triathlon) and hardstyle kettlebell training. During my pregnancy and subsequent postpartum return to sports, I received a lot of conflicting information and advice regarding my fitness goals. I sought out evidence-based guidance, but it was surprisingly hard to find. The frustration I felt spurred me to dive deep into the world of perinatal fitness and pelvic floor health. As a result, I’ve become a personal trainer and birth doula, with expertise in pre/postnatal fitness, pelvic health, and childbirth, and I’m here to help you navigate your journey through pregnancy and beyond. 

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I provide online pregnancy and postpartum personal training services to people living in the Seattle metro area and worldwide.

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Online Pregnancy + Postpartum Personal Training.

Individualized personal training for an active pregnancy and strong postpartum recovery.

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My signature 16- week, self-paced, postpartum exercise program for a safe and effective return-to-fitness

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Have a burning question about pregnancy and postpartum exercise, birth preparation, pelvic health or your postpartum recovery?

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Bhavika, Kirkland, WA

Laura was one of the best things that happened to me after having given birth to my second baby.

Laura A, Redmond, WA

Working with Laura was one of the biggest things I did for myself in my postpartum recovery. I have a lot of experience in fitness and exercise, but did not have the bandwidth or knowledge of the postpartum challenges that I needed to get back to my previous activity level. I think that I have come out of this experience even stronger than I was prior to having my kiddo which is saying something considering I had a long labor and emergency C-section so not the easiest recovery. I cannot recommend Laura enough.

Kate, NYC

I can honestly say that just a few short months after working with Laura I saw and felt GIANT results. My pelvic floor felt so much stronger, my diastasis recti was almost fully closed, my back pain was nonexistent, I could hold my baby and toddler longer, and I felt more energy when I returned back to work. I lost over 10 lbs in 5 months and my body composition has completely changed. I truly feel stronger this time around than I did during my first postpartum journey and I owe much of this to Laura. She’s one of the best trainers I’ve worked with and I would recommend her to anyone.

Mingzi, Bellevue, WA

Laura is my personal trainer after I gave birth for my baby. Her program is super helpful for me to recover from birth and get back to my normal workout routine!! Weight training is so important especially helpful for me to be able to carry my baby around. I really appreciate Laura’s help! It was so lucky for me to find her! Her in person training session is my favorite, after I got back to work. It is really hard for me to find time to go to gym to work with a trainer. Her in home session really helps me get workout in with busy working mom schedule. I’d highly recommend Laura to be your trainer!

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