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Are you pregnant and looking to stay strong and active?

Are you postpartum and trying to get back into shape or return to sport?

You're in the right place.

I help people like YOU feel at home in their changing body. How? We focus on being strong and active during pregnancy, we rehab and retrain your core and pelvic floor during early postpartum and then we transition you back towards whatever activities you love to do. I provide online and in-person pre- and postnatal personal training services so that you don’t have to worry about the what’s, the how’s or the when’s of your workouts and you can focus on the rest of your life. 

Regardless of your fitness background or goals, we can work together to design a program to support your fitness and athletic goals, core and pelvic floor health, and the demands of parenthood.  

I offer online personal training to compliment the changing demands of pregnancy and postpartum. 


So how does this work ?

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 The most no-pressure call ever. This is an opportunity for you to get your questions answered, for me to to find out what you need and it helps both of us decide if this is a great match.

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“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

― Brené Brown

Pregnancy Personal Training

Exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, but contributes to a wide range of positive outcomes for both parent and baby. My goal is not just to craft a fitness program for you (which I will do!), but also to educate you about your changing body (which is more capable than you might think!) and help you set realistic expectations for what it can do during this time. I will not present you with a list of hard-and-fast rules; instead my focus is on empowering you to “listen to your body” and evaluate risk-versus-reward during this chapter. You will receive guidance to help set you up for a strong postpartum recovery.  Win!

What to expect? I coach strength-based prenatal fitness with an emphasis on core function, breath and body alignment, birth preparation and your long-term athletic goals. 


Laura is the absolute best! She tailored workouts for me throughout my pregnancy and they really helped me feel good and stay active. I’m a first time mom so I also really appreciated her knowledge and support as well. She answered all my questions and provided great recommendations. I’m super grateful I came across her site when I was searching for a trainer and definitely recommend her services.

– Alicia H, First Time Mom, Bellevue, WA

Postpartum Personal Training

I help people who have had babies rehab, retrain and return to their sports or demands of daily life with confidence. If you have any special considerations, fear not: I offer support for people who have developed pelvic floor or core dysfunction, experienced perineal tearing or c-section, or otherwise feel lost during their postpartum recovery.  

As a postnatal coach, my role is much broader than your typical personal trainer. I’m more like your postpartum wingwoman. I help you chart a path from where you are to where you want to be and I give you as much support as you need along the way. And if you need someone to talk with about your sneeze-peeing, your queefing, or your cranky pelvic floor, I’m your girl.

Postpartum return-to-fitness is about more than just being cleared to exercise at 6-weeks.

My approach to postpartum personal training starts with core and pelvic floor recovery and retraining. It continues with a strength-based program that takes into account your exercise background, your fitness goals, any pelvic health considerations, and your parenting demands. My mission to is make sure you don’t see your pregnancy and childbirth experience as a reason why you can’t do all the things.  


My experience with Laura was truly life changing. As a lifelong athlete and now mom of two via c section, I felt lost as to how to return to my active lifestyle safely and effectively. Laura’s programming was very individualized to my needs/goals. Additionally, her coaching style allowed me to build back my intrinsic motivation for being active- I feel like myself again, which I am so grateful for!

– Jaime T, First Time Mom, Lynwood, WA

Core & Pelvic Health Support

If you are looking for support managing a core and pelvic floor condition, please visit my Core & Pelvic Health Support page, OR contact me by clicking below.

Who I coach

My coaching services will be a great fit for you if you:

  • want to feel strong, capable and confident in your body⁠
  • currently pee a little when you work out, you’re managing a prolapse or you’re still rehabbing a diastasis recti
  • have a concrete fitness goal but you don’t know how to get there⁠
  • desire a coach and a training plan that will mold to the demands of your life, not the other way around⁠
  • value a core- and pelvic floor-informed approach to your postpartum exercise⁠ 


What do you get?

Well, that depends a lot on what you want. This is a 100% personalized experience.

You’ll  access your workouts through TrueCoach. In the app (or on the website) you’ll find demo videos, coaching cues and access to me.

We can chat about the number of days you want to workout and how long you want to exercise.

The amount of interaction we have is negotiable. We can meet for a quick check-in once a month or we can talk more frequently. We can do virtual personal training sessions or not. We’ll work through those details together.

Why online coaching?

With remote coaching, you aren’t just paying for one-off personal training sessions. You’re paying for a personalized exercise training program. Your workouts will be scheduled multiple days per week, over the course of the month, according to whatever plan we craft together.

Through the app, you’ll be able to send me form check videos and ask questions whenever you like- that’s way more access to me than you’d get from traditional in-gym or in-home training. And, the accountability is higher. I can see when you’re working and when you aren’t. And while I’m not a kick-your-ass kind of coach (there are too many competing priorities right now, I get it), if I notice you aren’t getting in your workouts, I’ll definitely be asking you how you’re doing.

Best part? Virtual personal training costs a lot less $$ than traditional one-on-one coaching.⁠

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exercise if I have diastasis recti, a prolapse or if I'm experiencing leaking?
In most cases, yes! I recommend all of my clients consult with a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT), particularly if you are displaying any signs or symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder (leaking, bulging or pressure in the pelvic floor, abdominal coning or doming etc.) to get a professional diagnosis and recommendations specific to their body. If you need help finding a PFPT, I can help you.

Sometimes it can take a while to get an appointment with a PFPT, I can most likely work with you while you are waiting for that appointment (get in touch with me to chat).

I do not diagnose or treatment pelvic floor disorders, but my approach to working with clients with pelvic floor conditions complements most pelvic floor physical therapy protocols. I can also assist you developing strategies to manage symptoms and increase comfort during your daily activities.

One of my missions is to make sure that having birthed a baby is not a reason why you can’t go on to do all the things. I am passionate about helping you develop strategies to manage your pelvic health and help you return to your sport or fitness activities.

How long will this program take me?
That depends on you and what you want. Most of my clients choose to workout 2-3 days a week. Workouts can take 20-45 minutes.
Do I need equipment?
A bit. At a minimum, I ask that you have access to a few different resistance bands and a range of dumbbells. If you’ve got more stuff, awesome! We’ll use it. But we don’t need a ton to get started.
Is there a minimum commitment?
Yup! For pregnant clients and postpartum clients returning to general fitness, there is a 3 month minimum commitment. For clients who are returning to running or impact, I ask for a 4 month commitment.
I'm new to exercise, will this be appropriate?
Yup! I happily work with anyone from seasoned athlete to exercise newbie.

Still have questions?

Let’s get them answered. Learn a little bit more about me or my qualifications by browsing my site. You can also get to know my training philosophy and and areas of expertise by browsing my blog and my download library.

Contact me with any other questions!

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