A picture of Laura standing in front of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance after completing radiation treatment.

Yesterday was my daughter’s 6th birthday.

And it marked the last day of radiation treatment.

2 very different milestones falling on the same day.

2 events juxtaposed, creating an opportunity to reflect on how much has changed in 6 years.

In 6 years, I’ve birthed two children. I changed careers. I started a business.

I’ve watched my kiddos blossom.

I’ve been inspired by births I’ve witnessed and parents I’ve supported.

I’ve made new friends. Had adventures.

And of course, I’ve was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for breast cancer.

So much beauty. So much pain.

So much gained.

While yesterday doesn’t mark the end of treatment, it does mark the end of destructive treatments.

Yesterday was the first time since I heard the word “cancer” that I’ve actually closed a door.

I recieved radiation at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which is not where I recieve my meds.

Now that I’m done with rads, I don’t know if I’ll ever walk through those doors again.

I left the building feeling weepy-

Happy as hell and so grateful for the amazing doctors, techs and life sustaining treatments withing it walls.

Realizing I don’t have cancer anymore.

With the infusions going forward, I’m mopping up stray cells.

The big stuff is gone. The big guns have been employed and they did what they were supposed to do.

So grateful my treatment course has been straightforward.

Today I get to start healing. Today I get to rest. And then I get to start moving forward into life without chemo, without radiation. With no surgeries on the immeadiate horizon.

6 years ago, I could have never imagined my life would look like it does. But that’s part of the adventure, right?

Of course I wish I’d never been diagnosed with cancer.

I’m also confident that my life will be richer for having gone through the experience.

One of my guiding beliefs in my work with pregnant and postpartum folks is that pregnancy and postpartum are OPPORTUNITIES.

Opportunities to grow stronger.

And this is no different.

This is what I’d most like to share with you:

That in these moments of adversity, we have a choice in how we move through it.

That if we approach them as opportunity, we will come stronger than we went in.


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