You should learn to squat and hinge.

It’s not so you can hit a max lift. But maybe you’ll decide that would be fun.

It’s not even so you look cool in the gym. Although, you will…

It’s so you can move better during your activities of daily living.

It’s so you can move well into your old age.

(Mobility limitations now become full blown movement restrictions as you age. 👎🏽)⁠

Squats and hinges are fundamental movement patterns that exist as 2 ends of a continuum.⁠

Both moves involve bending at the hips, knees and ankles, but they vary with regard to the degree of bend at each joint. Hinges are mostly hip bend, Squats are a deeper bend at all three joints.⁠

Squats can be thought of as “butt down” and hinges are more “butt back”. Squats rely more on the quads and hinges rely more on butt and hamstrings. ⁠

If you want to get really nerdy about it, there’s a lot of nuance.

What really matters, is both patterns provide you options when you lift stuff.⁠

Both options help you off-load work from your low back to your hips and legs.⁠

Each pattern leverages your body in a different way. ⁠

Each pattern comes in useful at different times.⁠

Sure, you can pick stuff up without learning “proper technique”. But it’s the difference between getting the job done and with a screwdriver vs. a torque wrench or an electric drill.

When you learn a variety of movement patterns, you can do more things more efficiently.⁠

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