"Permission" spelled out in colored scrabble tiles. On a wood grain background.

You have permission to move imperfectly.

Are you hesitant to start exercising because you’re worried you’re not going to do it with perfect form?

Or because you’re worried about “imbalances”?

Here’s what I want you to know:

We all have a stronger side.

We all have limitations.

We all move differently on the left and the right.

All of us. Me. You too.

But in spite of that, you still need to move and build strength in the body you’re in.

Very few people move and lift with textbook precision.

And the pleasures and benefits of strength training are not reserved for folks with a perfect squat.

If you’re just getting started, or just getting back to it, consider this a permission slip.

Just go get started.

You can fine tune your “form” later, if you so desire.

But in the mean time, just go move.

Imperfectly. Joyfully. Confidently.

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