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Recently, I’ve been asked by a few different people what drove me to start coaching pregnancy and postpartum fitness.

It’s been kind of a fun reflection to think back on the reason I started and the reasons I keep going.

I’ve been somewhat surprised to realize that those things aren’t the same. My motivations to do this work have dramatically evolved over the years.

I got into this work the same way a lot of folks do. During my first pregnancy, I had a hard time finding good guidance to support me in my sports. And after my pregnancy, there was an utter lack of resources to direct a return to sport with pelvic organ prolapse.

As I learned more and more to support my own experience, I decided this was information and support that needed to be more broadly available.

I decided that I was going to be someone to offer it.

Today, guidance is still lacking within the formal medical community, but there are thousands of well-trained pre- and postnatal personal trainers who can support an active pregnancy and postpartum.

That particular vacuum has been addressed.

But there is still significant work to be done steering the culture around pregnancy and postpartum. And I think the fitness space is a great rudder.

As a coach and a content creator, I want to show people that postpartum is an opportunity to come back stronger.

I want to help de-stigmatize conversations around postpartum bodies and pelvic health.

I want to bring awareness to the normal physiological transformations that our bodies are designed to execute.

I want to reduce fear.

Offer hope.

And help people realize their inherent strength.

Being a coach in this space is about so much more than just programming reps and sets.

I believe that postpartum is an amazing opportunity to build a fresh foundation of strength. And that anyone can become stronger postpartum than they were pre-pregnancy.

But this opportunity can only be realized if we shift the conversation and the language that we use to talk about postpartum people, their bodies and the value of their experience.

Do you agree? Do you view postpartum as an opportunity or a roadblock? Please share in the comments at the bottom of this page!

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