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My signature freebie needed an upgrade.

In it’s previous life it was called the “No B.S. Guide to Breathing for a Strong Pregnancy & Postpartum”.

But, here’s the thing:

It’s not really all about the breathing.
It’s not even really about the fitness, the pelvic health- Well okay, it kind of is.
But really, it’s about shifting the narrative in which the birthing person is a martyr:⁠⁠
– Where just because you have a baby, you’re supposed to put yourself last. ⁠⁠
– Where you’re told that leaks, that prolapse, that discomfort are the price for being a parent.
– Where your pain is laughed off in a meme. ⁠⁠
– Where it’s considered “selfish” to make your own self a priority.⁠⁠
Like they say: Put on your own oxygen mask first.⁠⁠
My No B.S. Guide talks a lot about breathing. It’s a roadmap to a stronger, drier, more comfortable childbearing year. All the stuff I teach you: it’s just tools.

I created this Guide to to help you claim agency over your own healing, your own life. So you aren’t worried about peeing your pants if need to run after something. So you feel strong and confident every damn day. So you can do all of the things you love.⁠⁠
Having a baby should ADD to your life. Not detract.⁠⁠
Having a baby shouldn’t relegate you to the sidelines. Be the reason you can’t do the things you want to do.⁠⁠
Breathing isn’t sexy. I know that. It’s just a tool. It’s just a means to an end. (A very effective means.)⁠⁠
That end is You. Your joy. You matter.
If you want to take control of your experience in pregnancy or postpartum, take this deliberate step.

Download The No B.S. Guide to a Stronger, Drier Pregnancy & Postpartum. Do the work. It won’t take long. And the payoff is ENORMOUS.

Your roadmap to a STRONGER, DRIER postpartum experience.
Download your FREE copy of

The No B.S. Guide to a Stronger, Drier Pregnancy & Postpartum.👇🏽👇🏽

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My mission is to make sure that having a baby is not a reason why you can’t do all the things.

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